Why choose furniture from Mobiliani

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What furniture produce company Mobiliani?

We are a manufacturing plant involved in the production of high quality furniture veneered and lacquered. Our offer includes

  • kitchen furniture,
  • bathroom furniture,
  • bedroom furniture,
  • collections of furniture for the living and dining room,
  • cabinets, closets and various other furniture

Currently we have got two brands with an established position at the furniture market: Fargo and Justa, which are for sale in 150 furniture stores in Poland.

All the furniture are manufactured with the highest quality standards in mind and using modern machinery. We use only proven and safe materials with apropriate certificates.

Why it is worth to buy furniture from Mobiliani?

  • furniture are made from high-quality, reliable and safe materials that have appropriate quality certificates and we have implemented high quality standards in the manufacturing process to ensure that all of our furniture will meet your expectations
  • Modern equipment allows us to produce kitchen and bathroom furniture that are not available to competition
  • Mobiliani is a company with a long and recognized tradition in the market, and the furniture manufactured by us are for sale in more than 150 showrooms in Poland and other countries

Machinery for the production of furniture

Mobiliani has built an impressive machine park, which is focused on production of high quality furniture. These are mainly kitchen and bathroom furniture, but over the tome we introduce new products to the market, as well as execute orders on special request.

Mobiliani use such machines as (original names in polish language):

  • zaawansowana piła formatowa SCM
  • okleiniarka wąskich płaszczyzn SCM
  • wiertarki wielowrzecionowe SCM
  • frezarki
  • prasa hydrauliczna do fornirowani
  • spajarka forniru
  • gilotyna do forniru
  • profesjonalnie wyposażona lakiernia
  • elektronarzędzia Festool

View of the machine park of Mobiliani

Please take a look how we produce our furniture.