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Interior design is a specific process. This action is always preceded by a necessary meeting, a preliminary inventory and talking with the client about the planned interior. This allows the interior designer to feel the atmosphere of the place and empathize with the needs of future residents. On this basis the actual design process start and designer sees which way it should continue to meet the needs of the customer.




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The stages of the interior design process

Stage 1:
The concept of interior

• A meeting to identify the needs and requirements
• Signing of a cooperation agreement
• Analysis of the needs and inventory of interior
• Estimate cos of furniture, lighting and finishing materials


Stage 2:
Visualization of the interior

• Visualization of the project in a full 3D view
• Amendments to the agreed concept of interior
• Acceptance of the finished visual design by the investor

Stage 3:
Finalization of the project

• Making the technical descriptions and drawings
• Giving the investor or contractor full interior design, according to the agreement

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