Furniture for children

Furniture tailored to the needs of your child

Furniture for children


We produce furniture for interior of children’s rooms, that stand out from other, commonly available items in furniture stores. All the products made by us are carefully crafted and finished, with the strong attention to detail. The materials used in the production of custom-made furniture for children can be characterized by a precise finish and will be the perfect choice for parents who appreciate the value od safety of their children. In our offer you will find:

  • furniture for a child’s room on a size or from the project,
  • children’s beds to order



Materials used for the production of children’s furniture


Satisfaction of kids and high quality products are most important for us. Depending on your budget, standard and individual requirements of the order we will match the materials suitable for the realization of furniture:

  • solid wood,
  • natural veneers,
  • modified veneers


Realizations of our children's furniture

Check our designs od children's rooms

Children's furniture projects